Hello Guys . My arowana age is 28 months now and about a year ago he got a disease like Ich disease but much much tougher something like this :

But on my Arowana spots was also on scale and the fins . I searched the whole internet but i couldn't find any thing about this disease except this picture in above .
I try API Pimafix but it didn't work then i try the Seachem Cupramine and its worked for me . but my arowana fins and barbel damaged . Especially it's tail and barbels :

So i wanted to ask you guys what can i do to recover the fins and barbels as fastest i can and should i Continue treating the fish with Cupramine ? Because i think some of those spot is still on its fin .
Now i feed him with Superworm and heart and Shrimp . any suggestion on food ? Thank you & sorry for the bad English .
Best Wishes .